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Jungle Beach Resort

Beach Front Lodging & Accommodation North of Nha Trang City. Nha Trang secluded beach resort highly recommended by Lonely Planet. Jungle Beach has beach front huts for rent right on one of Nha Trang most beautiful beach.

Jungle Beach Resort - Nha Trang

Beach Front Huts Resort Near Doc Let Beach

Jungle Beach just north of Nha Trang City is approximately 60 kilometer and 30 to 40 minutes drive from the popular Nha Trang beach resort community. It is a relaxing secluded area near Nha Trang Bay and one of four must visit beaches north of Nha Trang. With its commune atmosphere, an overnight stay at Jungle Beach is highly recommended. Guests spend the day relaxing on the beach and taking in the beautiful landscape and tranquility of this private beach resort environment. Jungle Beach Resort is known for its reasonable price and a peaceful stretch of long untouched Vietnam beach located at the tip of a peninsula near to Nha Trang. The resort allows visitor to relax and get away from the busy Nha Trang city life and Vietnam traffic.

Jungle Beach Beachfront Hut Resort is a small place that is comfortable and makes you feel like home. Located at the end of a small fishing village near the tip of a peninsula, the wide open space facilities of Jungle beach allows guests to rest and take in the culture and beauty of traveling throughout Vietnam without the crowding of city life. A quiet and secluded get away from the traditional hustling and bustling of Vietnam city life.

Silvio, the owner of Jungle Beach claims that it is “by far the most quiet and relaxed place in Vietnam.”

“The resort, situated at the base of a forested hill yet only meters from the beach, blended in perfectly with its surrounds. The grounds looked like one big garden, with dogs, cats and children running after each other between the guests dozing in the numerous hammocks that dotted the landscape.”

Resort Facilities

Jungle Beach occupy a 12,600 meter square beach front property, equivalent to about 3 plus acres of land. The South China Sea, Vietnam’s beach, can be seen as far as the eye can go. Behind you are a Jungle clad mountains surround the rear of the farm, offering great hiking opportunities. Endanger wild monkeys are spotted often bathing in the on tops of large rocks underneath the warm Vietnam sun. In addition, hikers can take in the view and try to spot the rare Douc Langurs and Lorises eagles. The jungle side is also home to numerous birds and butterflies. Nha Trang Jungle Beach posses a 3 km beach area privately reserved for guest only. Another coast line south of Jungle beach has about 5 kilometer of secluded beach front where a water fall leads to the ocean. Hiking up the trails or climbing up the rocks on the river will lead you to a magnificent water fall.

Things to Do at Jungle Beach

At Jungle Beach visitors can just hang out in hammocks all day and do nothing or lay on the beach and bath in the warm sun while reading a good novel. Those that are more active go hiking in the nearby mountain side, play water sports or explore the surrounding village. During the day you can catch a boat ride out to an island for snorkeling. There is a local attraction waterfall that is often visited by village children so bring candy if you want to make new friends. A deep lagoon rest below the water fall and local residents are known to climb to the top and jumped into the lagoon. The resort also provides surf and body boards in addition to a very popular soccer ball. Beach volleyball court is set up in the afternoon just before dinner. The jungle clad mountains also has an abundant of activities to do and sightsee. There are also those secluded beaches up and down the coast for a sunset walk or a good morning jog.

Accommodation Types

Jungle Beach is a “home stay” with 2 bedrooms for guests in the new house and 3 more rooms in a newly build Long House. This bed and breakfast resort also has 9 very basic bamboo shelters Cabanas with beds that open up and face the beach. Mosquito nets, blankets and pillows are provided to keep travelers warm underneath the clear midnight stars. Jungle Beach also provides additional outdoor sleeping with mosquito nets, mattress, blankets and pillows as well. This is great of those that wish to sleep in the open air underneath the Vietnam's star light. Sleeping outdoor is a favor for many repeated visitors to Jungle Beach. Lockers are provided for visitors that choose to share the night with nature and lay underneath the millions of stars. Local Vietnamese call it the Thousand Star Hotel.

Home Cooked Food and Resort Price

For 300,000 VND or about $18.75 US dollars per person for one night stay, Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included. In the afternoon, fresh bowl of fruits are brought to guest. The chef also caters well to vegetarian, so there are plenty of different types of food to indulge and choose from. Drinking water, lemon juice, fruit plates and snack as well as use of all facilities, beach area and self-guided jungle activities are part of the package. Late night coffees, Vietnamese wine, fruit shakes, snacks, beers and soft drinks can be purchase at a reasonable low price. Some guests find themselves staying long and some even stay for up to a month enjoying the beach and reading novels to escaping their hectic life back home.

Directions – Getting There

Driving north on Pacific Coastal Highway 1 from Nha Trang head north toward Ninh Hòa Village. Stay straight once you get into Ninh Hoa and take the right road when it split into two. The road runs past a huge sign pointing to Hyundai refitting ocean-going tankers ship yard. Make a right turn at the sign and proceed down the long stretch. Go around the right side of the ship yard after passing by the large ship through a small fishing village. At the dead end of a 3 way intersection in front of the village market, make a right turn and head to the end of the road. Jungle beach is located on the left side at the end of that road.

If coming by tourist bus from Hoi An, get off at the Doc Let stop and ask motorbike drivers to take you to Jungle beach for about VND 50,000 per bike or $3.50 US dollars each. The motorbike will get you to Jungle Beach in 30 minutes or less. Jungle beach can also arrange a van for VND 200,000 to pick you and your families up from Doc Let or Ninh Hoa. Call Silvio at Jungle beach (058) 622.384 to make arrangement in advance.

If coming by plane or train, Jungle Beach can arrange your transport at very reasonable prices from Nha Trang Airport. From Nha Trang city, cars and mini vans will take you here for around 280,000 to 350 000 VND depending on the number of people and the vehicle type. Motorbike riders will cost anywhere between 100,000 & 150,000 VND

Getting Back

Because many folks leave each day, it is best to let Jungle Beach staff arrange transport for you. Your departure can be arranged there, so the cost of getting back to Nha Trang or the airport can be shared with anyone leaving at the same time.

Getting There On Your Own

If coming by motorbike or bicycle on your own, go north of Nha Trang city for about 40 kms. Take a right at the Hyundai- Vinashin sign just south of the Doc Let turn off. The go to the Hyundai port right next to the front gate and turn right and go around the shipyard. The road will lead you along the right side and behind the shipyard. Go down the dirty road for about 5 kms until it ends in a T intersection. Turn right and head toward the end of the road. Jungle Beach is on the left side next to the ocean. It is a huge compound with a Vietnam Flag flying at the front gate. Look for straw roof huts and lots of wild trees.

Tour Package to Jungle Beach

Hotel Vietnam Online ( hotelvietnamonline.com/Tours/beach/4d_junglebeach.htm ) provides a 4 night package from Saigon and other location to Jungle Beach. Visit their website to learn more.

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