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Nha Trang Scuba Diving

The diving spot around Nha Trang is Vietnam’s most prestigious location. With many area still unspoiled by big diving operations, divers find themselves in the middle of Vietnam’s most exotic destination. In addition to Nha Trang pristine main beach, divers can relax on one many secluded island beach.

Nearby Whale Island provide additional locations for visitors to enjoy a myriad of scenery. Nha Trang Bay colorful sea life and fishes, soft corals, seashells and nudibranches are definitely worth a visit.

Famous for its low cost diving, Vietnam is the newest destination for budget visitors. Despite the affordable diving company that carter to the Nha Trang area, Five and Six stars resort establishment carter to high end visitors. Nha Trang is the destination for the 2008 Miss University Pageant. NBC show case a 10 minute clip of Vietnam and Nha Trang to over a billion viewer worldwide. Rare underwater lunar mooncapes, giant moray, eels, whale sharks and many interesting caves to explore are offered by Nha Trang’s bay

Dive Locations

The majority of Nha Trang many dive location are within 15 minutes to one hour boat ride depending on the type of boat you use. Speedboats can take diver from one location to the next in less than 20 mintues. The Islands of the Hon Mun Marine Park is one of divers most visited spot. It is one of 5 major islands just off the coast of Nha Trang Bay. Some consider Hon Mun Island the best location that the South China Sea has to offer.

Madonna rock
A great coral dive with two swim throughs and a slope down to 25 m with giant Porcupine fish, small Moray Eels and the occasional Sting Rays.


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