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Nha Trang River Tour

The Cai river shelters in its mouth, the nice fishing port, which is visible from the Xom Bong bridge.

A tour on the Cai river - river in Nha trang will not only allow you to go in between the boats but also to see the houses of the fishermen before going upstream to the rice plantations. The Nha trang sea water which penetrates to about two kilometers (more than a mile) inside the grounds because of the tides allows the people to work in shrimp breeding farms (large gauge, standard tiger shrimp).
You will discover the Nha Trang islands covered of coconuts and separated by small streams. On the banks, a pagoda, a shipyard (possible visit)… a halt is, of course, possible in one of the restaurants unless you  preferto have lunch or why not, seafood dinner .

How to find a boat ?
The Nha Trang tours are ensured by the restaurants which are installed on the banks (the meal thus is obligatorily included): go at the entry of Ha Ra bridge  on the left-hand side and ask a for a tour. You can also reserve in the tourist offices on Tran Phu street. Charge is about 12 USD per person, meals and transfer included. It is also possible to make a tour with a fisherman on a small fishing boat or a motorboat. In this case, the departure is done from an island in Nha Trang located in the middle of the river (access by small bridge out of wooden). 
Very sympathetic but not easy to find. In this case, expect to be charged  10 USD to 15 USD depending of the kind of boat (small fishing boat or speed boat boat except edge by boat (3 to 5 people maximum according to the type of boat) without the meals.
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