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Ponagar Cham tower

It is located on 2-4 street, North bank of Cai river.
It is located on 2-4 street,
North bank of Cai river.
Dedicated to the goddess Yang Ino Ponagar and one of the most important Cham sites in
Vietnam, Ponagar dates back to the 8th century, when it was constructed by the king of the Cham principality Kauthara. Although a Cham goddess, Yang Ino Po is now very much a patron of Nha Trang, venerated by ethnic Viet and Chinese Buddhists, as well as by local Cham Hindus.
Of the original eight towers, four remain standing. Buit in 817, Thap Chinh, the North tower, is the most impressive and houses an image of Hindu god Uma in her incarnation as Ponagar. At the entrance, her consort, the Hindu god Shiva, dances on the back of his holy mount, the sacred bull Nandi. The columns of a ruined mandapa of meditation hall also still stand. A modern museum displays Cham artifacts.
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