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Mieu Island

South-east of Nha Trang city, on Mieu Island . Also named Bong Nguyen Island - Island of Immortals Distance from central Nha Trang: 7 kilometers, haft an hour from Cau Da port.

Location:  South-east of Nha Trang city, on Mieu Island . Also named Bong Nguyen Island - Island of Immortals Distance from central Nha Trang: 7 kilometers, haft an hour from Cau Da port.

Description: Tri Nguyen Aquarium was built in 1971, a highly inventive work of distinction, by Le Can, a fisherman who was fond of nature very much with goodwill and proud of his homeland. With his own money, he hired local inhabitants to block the sea and build a dam for the construction of a large pond 160m in length and 130m wide.

Detail :Tri Nguyen Aquarium (an aquarium where hundreds of rare oceanic species are fed) is a lake on the sea which people dam up with stone embankment. Hundreds of nice and precious marine creatures are bred in the lake, looking a real marine museum.


The pond consists of three compartments, one for breeding savage fishes, one for aquarium fishes, shrimps and turtles of different kinds and many other species of sealife to breed in his aquarium. The aquarium creates a unique world of multifarious aquatic animals, a living museum of the marine life in Nha Trang. This splendid work is highly entertaining, for it has been much visited and lauded by tourists from far and near.

The sea-water has an easy circulation into and out of the pond, for the banks were built of stones which had been so cleverly arranged as to provide sufficient spaces for the water to flow in and out, and thus providing sea conditions quite suitable to the marine animals in the compartments.

 Visitors may take a walk around the lake or seating on the house close to the edge of the water, they can see many kinds of colorful sea-fish that live in the clear blue water of the lake.

In the island also has Bai San Beach, one of the beaches that are attractive to many visitors and many habitants live on island. Their lives connect with mainland by small boats which transport hundred of people daily.

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Tam Island - Hon Tam - Nha Trang Island
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Mun Island

Situated in the southern part of Nha Trang Bay in Khanh Hoa Province, Mun Island has many coral, which is great for diving.  Below the depth of 5 metres the coral is a spectacular sight.  This island is managed by Marine Protected Area (MPA) Nha Trang.

Salangane Island (Yen island)
Location Salangane island (Yen island) 17km from Nha Trang
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It is 33 hectares located at Nha Phu Lagoon, North of Nha Trang City Vietnam. The island is not that big, nor does it have many of the standard services to offer to tourists, but it has many joyful activities.
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This is a private island, run by French couple. From the façade we can contemplate the surrounding mountains that give the island in a very particular location of tranquillity. This small island is of a wonderful beach with limited bamboo-made bungalows built among ranks of coconut trees.
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