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International driving licenses are not accepted in Vietnam. Therefore, there are no car rental companies such as Hertz and Avis etc. The concept of renting a car to drive yourself is almost non-existent however, you can rent your own car with a driver. Contact us for more information.

After a short time on local roads with their crazy traffic, you will be glad you left the driving to a local professional. Since few Vietnamese own cars, they have frequent occasion to hire vehicles for family outings, special occasions, etc. A thriving industry exists to serve that need.

Vietnamese can easily charter anything from a small car to a 32-seat bus, for one day or several. Tourists can tap into that market indirectly by way of hotels and tour agents found in every tourist area. Hiring a small car for a day trip returning to the point of origin costs around US$50 for eight hours. (If you shop around and bargain hard for the lowest possible price, you will probably get an older, more beat-up car. If you are paying more than bare minimum, it's worth asking what sort of car it will be, and holding out for something comfortable.) Few drivers speak any English, so make sure you tell the hotel/agent exactly where you want to go, and have that communicated to the driver.

It's also possible to hire a car and driver for inter-city travel, at somewhat higher cost. A small car from Saigon to the beach resort of Mui Ne, a 4- or 5-hour trip depending on traffic, costs about US$60, and Dalat to Mui Ne about US$80. Long distance travel by car may be a good choice for several people traveling together, as it provides a flexible schedule and flexible access to remote sites. Keep in mind that long-distance road travel in Vietnam by whatever means (bus or car) is slow, with average speed less than 50 km/hour. Highway 1, the north-south backbone of the country, is a two-lane road with very heavy truck and bus traffic.

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