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Travel by train in Vietnam isn’t that bad. in fact it’s the cheap way to get from A to B. The train has both hard seats and soft seat, with or without air-condition.

 When travel from south to north, you can book a compartment with bed. Also the fast train takes approximate 30hours from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. It’s a great way to discover the whole country, you will see the enormous rice fields, beautiful landscape with the seashores in the other side, when the train climb up to the hills.

Travel by train is quite cheap and safe. The Vietnamese trains has improved nowadays. The trains have seats and berth, both hard and soft. The price is higher in soft seats and soft berth. Are you willing to spend more money to get more comfort or are you the one who want to save as much as possible? My opinion is if you are traveling only 1 day on the train, then the soft seat is good enough. It’s like a airplane’s seats but no DVDs or video games.

One of the biggest problem is your legs. Most of you have longer legs than vietnamese people, therefore the seats is a bit short. Of course you will have the same problem with buses. Why choose the train? In my case, i traveled to Nha Trang and went to train station to buy a ticket. The train left in the evening at 23:00 and arrived in the morning. It’s the fastest way to get to Nha Trang and that train was an express train. I bought the ticket for 145.000vnd ( $1 USD = 16.000).

The second thing is the toilet! You can go there anytime you want, meanwhile the tourist buses don’t have the toilette, which you must ask the driver to stop (if he can, want or find a good spot). Food is available on the trains and don’t expect fancy dinner restaurant on these trains. Just like on the airplane, the conductor will arrive from one to another wagon and serve the food. The tickets are hard to purchase sometimes, specially in holidays. The problem is the sellers have/had the tickets but they want to earn more. Therefore some of them may sell the tickets through street market. When the tickets are “sold out”, the only way to get it is go to some guys and ask them… and yes, they do take overprice for the tickets. Sometimes you make a good deal, sometimes not. But it’s not the only transport in Vietnam you know, there are buses and airplanes.

There are some problems with thieves, especially in the night. Try to keep your stuff close to you and maybe watch out the doors if you are in sleeping compartment. They might stick the hand through the door and grab your stuff. In case you need to leave your bag for a while, ask the passengers in same compartment to lookout. Most of the windows on the trains have fences, to protect you from stones, which usually come from the kids in the rice fields.

Different kind of seats and berths:
- Hard Seat
- soft Seat
- Air-Con Soft Seat
- Soft Seat in Double Deck
- Hard Seat

- Hard Berth in 2-Berth Compartment ( 2 levels )
- Soft Berth in 2-Berth Compartment ( 2 levels )
Each compartment has 4 beds for four people and this is plenty space if you compare to the 6-berth compartments. On the top, you will find the a small fan to chill down the heat. In the express train they also have AC (air-condition) if you like. The beds have a mattress, a pillow and blanket. Unfortunately no towels and toilet-kit. So you will have to bring the toothbrush, toothpaste and towels and other necessary stuffs.The price is the same, doesn’t matter if you sleep under or on top.

- Hard Berth in 4-Berth Compartment ( 2 levels )
- Hard Berth in 6-Berth Compartment ( 3 levels )
The compartments have 3 beds in both sides and the window in the middle. Because most vietnamese don’t like to climb up to top and the one under are for your compartment’s passengers, you all have to sit there when you are not sleeping right? Therefore they are a bit cheaper.

- Air-Con Hard Berth in 6-Berth Compartment
- Air-Con Soft Berth in 4-Berth Compartment

- Cheap enough
- More safe on the road
- Access to the toilette
- Good for travel in long distance

- Noisy, the sound come from the rails and the doors are not soundproof
- Could be difficult to get the ticket sometimes, or overprice on the black market.
- The staffs can’t speak English.

Please visit vietnamese railways official website for more information and prices: or call the agencies for details

Address of train station :

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Timetables and Fares
Fares given below for second class are for hard seat option in non air con cars/ First class offer modern coaches with soft seats and air conditioned. All fares are in thousands of Vietnam dongs (VND) For instance, see line 4 Nha Trang/Sai gon : 78 means 78 000 VND (ie 4 or 5 USD) these informations may change without notice.
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Network Map - Train in Viet Nam
Super Speed Train
Nha Trang Super Fast Train set to finished in 2012.  The time travel from Nha Trang to Saigon Ho Chi Minh City or north to Hanoi will take less than 1 hour and 30 minutes.
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