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By Train A new Golden trains has been put into service from Saigon (HCMC) to Quy Nhon, north of Nha Trang. This high-class train called the Golden Trains begin service on Monday April 14, 2008. This is in addition to the current 5 stars Traing running from Saigon to Nha trang at 10:15 pm Daily. This is Vietnam’s most luxurious train, which runs every other day. Tickets cost about 495,000 VND or $31 U.S. dollars for a bed cabin and 395,000VND ($22.40) for a seated cabin. Time of departure: From Saigon - 9:50 p.m. and arrive in Quy Nhon at 10:35 a.m. the next day From Quy Nhon - 5:07 p.m. departer and arrivies in Saigon at 6:35 a.m. the following day. The train makes stops along the route at Bien Hoa, Muong Man, Thap Cham, Nha Trang, Tuy Hoa and Dieu Tri stations.
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Travel by train in Vietnam isn’t that bad. in fact it’s the cheap way to get from A to B. The train has both hard seats and soft seat, with or without air-condition.
Super Speed Train
Nha Trang Super Fast Train set to finished in 2012.  The time travel from Nha Trang to Saigon Ho Chi Minh City or north to Hanoi will take less than 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Network Map
Network Map - Train in Viet Nam
Timetables and Fares
Fares given below for second class are for hard seat option in non air con cars/ First class offer modern coaches with soft seats and air conditioned. All fares are in thousands of Vietnam dongs (VND) For instance, see line 4 Nha Trang/Sai gon : 78 means 78 000 VND (ie 4 or 5 USD) these informations may change without notice.
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