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By Motorcycle/Motorbike

By Motorcycle/Motorbike
Also known as cyclo, is an very old transportation, and very “vietnamese”. It’s a three wheels bike and the passengers are sitting infront and the “driver” sits behind. For many years ago, people used this kind of transportation because it can take 3 persons or even more if passengers are children. Cyclo could also carry other heavy and bigger things like rice sacks, dead pigs, many thing you can imaging. Xich lo Most of them are men, who try to earn money from the morning to midnight. They could be a former vietnamese soldiers, a bankrupt bussinessman, a guy from some village. Cyclo drivers often live, sleep in that carriage. Some of them don’t have places to live, came to big city to earn money.

They usually gather around the train stations, hotels, bus stations or outside of the markets. Some of them can speak english, some can french and some only speak vietnamese. It’s better if you have a map and show them the address, although most of them can the hotel’s name. Cyclos are difference in what city you visit and prices. Until today, there are still many cyclos operate in cities. Only 2 cities i know that cyclos have been banned are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). Banned means normal people can’t just buy one and then start their business.

The government doesn’t like it, therefore it’s only so call “tourist cyclo” left in Hanoi and in Ho Chi Minh. You can find cyclos near St. Joseph Cathedral and because these are “tourist cyclos”, they are little more expensive but they are only available in Hanoi. If you want to explore the city, cyclo maybe is a good way to see the see. At a speed as a normal bike cycle, cruising slowly through Old Quarter. Before you jump on the cyclo, you might talk with the driver about the cost. You should always try to press the price and make deal with him. Some of them like to pay per hour, others in kilometres.

Although it’s a old fashion way to get you from one point to another doesn’t mean it’s cheapest. It could be expensive if you compare with ” Xe Om” (motorcycle taxi). I use this trick when i can’t make a reasonable price, I just say “Sorry, it’s too much, thank you” and walk away. Most of the cases they will call you back and give you a better price. Remember that you can find another cyclo if the first one rejects you. if you are late or in hurry, please skip this and find a motorcyle taxi instead. Cyclos are for sightseeing….
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By motorcycle
The 110-cc motorbike is the preferred mode of transport for the Vietnamese masses, and the large cities swarm with them. It's common to see whole families of four cruising along on a single motorbike. In most places where tourists go, you can easily rent your own, with prices ranging from 100,000 to 160,000 dong per day.
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