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By Airplane

By Airplane

Most of you will flight to Vietnam, because it’s the fast way to get there of course. When you decide to enter the country, you have to check Vietnamese embassy in you home country. Some country doesn’t have to apply visa if they stay less than 15days. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland are supported.

The visa fee depends on each embassy in that country, it should be something $40-$50 USD per person and single entry. Double entry will cost you more, unless you want to travel to some other country and back to Vietnam again. Single entry with one month should be enough for most tourists. I usually apply for six months, although maybe i stay three months or less. In that case I only need to rebook the ticket, no big deal. I recommend you take Thai Airways (if you can) and after that flight to Vietnam. It’s because the Thai Airway have a very good service (i must admit that) and not expensive.

 Vietnam Airlines may operate in some countries but I don’t think it’s worth the price ( you may save $30 but the food and services in Thai Airways is too good to beat). There are some airlines that run their business in Vietnam, both in and out of the country

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Vietnam Airport
Officially called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam is a beautiful country in the Southeast of Asia. Blessed by nature, Vietnam is visited by large number of tourists from across the globe. Vietnam is well connected to other parts of the world through the air network and provide travelers reasonably good air services and airports
Vietnam First Cruise Ship Tour
Vietnam offers it first ever cruise ship on Oct, 2008. Service provided by Jupiter Cruises
Viet Nam Airports map
Viet Nam Airports map
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