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Car Racing

Car Racing

Vietnam 1st F1 Formula Car Race

Vietnam could be the next country vying to join the ever-growing Formula One calendar. Hans Geist, linked in the past with F1 forays in Russia, Austria and Bahrain, has proposed a $150 million project to Vietnam's ministry of planning and investment. The proposal is for a Formula One circuit to be located near Nha Trang Bay in central Khanh Hoa province, according to vietnamvet.vn.

"The dynamic economy of Vietnam and tourism potential are good reasons for building a circuit here," said Geist. He did not say when the proposal would move forwards but the report said construction would take three years.

"Formula one with more than 200 global brand partners will guarantee a professional business communication for Vietnam and its international recognition," added Geist. "It will certainly stimulate Vietnam's economy, tourism and infrastructure."

F1 in Nha Trang Update

Recent rumours that the FIA is looking at Vietnam as a possible venue for a grand prix have been played down by circuit advisor Hans Geist. A visit to the country by Geist to meet with officials fuelled speculation discussions were moving ahead for a possible venue in the Nha Trang bay area, around 200 miles east of Ho Chi Minh City.

But Geist brushed aside such talk. "My mission is usually to inform interested parties about Formula 1 and what it takes to build a race track to FIA F1 standards and organise a GP," he said. "I would say that of all my informative meetings maybe 10% develop into a serious concept. In Vietnam, my job was purely informational." He did admit that as far he knew, South Africa, Bulgaria, Romania and Argentina were currently keen on hosting a GP, while there is was interest in the staging of a second race in China.

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Formula one Racing
F1 racing talks being in Nha Trang. However no serious steps have been taken.
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