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Vegiterian in Nha Trang

An Lac
Add :109 Hoang Van Thu (at Quang Trung)
Tel : 058-3827 153  Vegan-friendly, Vietnam, Take-out

Au Lac Chay
Add :28C Hoang Hoa Tham (at between Yersin and Ly Tu Trong Streets)
Tel : 0905-443442   Open 7am-8pm.

Lac Viet
Add :72B Huynh Thuc Khang, Nha Trang city.
Tel : 058-3513 716  Ovo,

Thien Duyet
Add :20 Duong 23-10 Nha Trang
Tel : 058 3819 198

Thien Phuc
Add :16 2/4 Road, Vinh Hai (at 1 km north of Xom Bong bridge, opposite north bus station)
Tel : 058-3836 329

Thien Y
Add :89 Yersin - Nha Trang
Tel : 058 3813 285

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