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Hightlight spot restaurant

Hightlight spot restaurant Restaurants in Nha Trang are quite well known. That is why this place is so much in demand among the gourmets. They love the cuisines that are served at the eateries in Nha Trang. The cuisines are really delicious. Many of these include Asian cuisines other than the Vietnamese ones. You can also order international delicacies and sea foods. Restaurants in Nha Trang are also the places to get acquainted with the local population.

The Restaurants in Nha Trang include three Truc Linh Restaurants. These serve Vietnamese delicacies that will make your Nha Trang tours a success. After all no tour can be complete unless and until you have a taste of the food that the natives eat. You will find various preparations of seafood. This is because the town, Nha Trang, is located near various rivers and seas. You can also have Chinese in one of these restaurants here.

The Lac Canh, on other hand, will let you take the pleasure of barbecue. This is a place that will help you to interact with local people and the fellow travelers. This restaurant too serves mouth watering preparations of sea food.

There are restaurants here that are known for the meat items. You can book your tables here as well. Quan Cay Man, on the other hand, has local dishes and a local ambiance. The meaning of the name is the Plum Tree Restaurant. You can sit under the clear blue sky and enjoy your meal. The sitting arrangement here is very good.

As far Italian dishes are concerned travelers can book their tables at La Taverna. You can have pasta here. This is the item that the restaurant specializes in. You can also order pizza. The variety of the Restaurants and Bars in Nha Trang can also be guessed when you enter the Cyclo Cafe. Here you will have both Italian and local delicacies.

The activities in Nha Trang mean that you have to take a trip of the restaurants here. You can check out the Good Morning Vietnam. It is a very roomy place that serves very fine dishes. You can order Indian cuisines at the Omar. Thai dishes are available at Good Morning Thailand. Apart from these French cuisines are also on offer here. You can get it at Nha Trang Yacht Club.

As far as the bars are concerned you will find the ambiance of the Red Sun Bar and Guava very good. Thus Restaurants and Bars in Nha Trang will make your visit to Nha Trang a success.
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Candle Light restaurant
6 Tran Quang Khai St., Nha Trang
Tel: 058 3813 133
Hanabusa ( Japanese Restaurant)
Open: 11:30- 14:00/ 18:00-22:00
Add: 12-14 Tran Phu
Tel: (058)3820 999
Omar's Indian Restaurant
96A/8 Tran Phu St., Nha Trang
Tel: 058 3814 489
Café de Paris ( Western& Asian restaurant)
Open: 9:00-23:00
Add: 8 Biet Thu St
Tel: (058) 3221 970
Good Morning Vietnam Restaurant
Address: 19 B Biet Thu Street
Tel : (058) 3815 071
Email : paoloscam@hotmail.com
La Mancha( Spanish)
Open: 11:00- 24:00
Add: 78 Nguyen Thien Thuat
Tel: (058) 3527 978
Nhatrang Seafood restaurant
Address: 46 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
Tel: (058)3822 664
Lac Canh (BBQ)
Open: 9:30- 21:30
Add: 44 Nguyen Binh Khiem
Tel: (058) 3821 391
Andy’s (Western,Indian& Vietnamese Restaurant)
Open: 8:00- 22:00
Add: 1G Hung Vuong St
Tel: (058) 3527 214
Le Petit Bistro ( French Restaurant)
Since 4 years, Claude Durand, operate with passion the Le Petit Bistro; a sympatic French restaurant downtonw Nha Trang. In the pure tradition of the best French bistro, Monsieur Claude (the owner) offers great French cuisine specialties, fast served and at affordable price.
Bien Ngoc ( Seafood Restaurant)
Open: 9:00- 22:00
Add: 5 Pham Van Dong St
Tel: (058) 3551 141
Louisiana Brewhouse ( Western & Vietnamese Restaurant, Brewhouse)
Open;7:00- 1:00 Am
Add: Beachside- Nha Trang
Tel: (058) 3521 948
Buffalo Steak House (Steak)
Open:17:00- 23:00
Add: 1/18 Tran Quang Khai St
Tel: (058) 3528 087
Truc Linh 1 (Seafood Restaurant)
Restaurant: Adjacent to the Truc Linh Villa resort, Truc Linh restaurant offers diners the very best in traditionall Vietnamese dining. Choose your dishes from our ice table or live tanks- from crab, prawns, snapper and squid to lobster, tuna, grouper and clams.
Cappuccino( Italian Restaurant)
Open: 8:00-22:00
Add: 23A Biet Thu St
Tel:(058) 3526 061
Truc Linh 3 (Seafood restaurant)
Add: 80 Hung Vuong St
Tel: (058) 3525 259
La Bella Napoli ( Italian Restaurant)
Open: 10:00-22:00
Add: 6/0 Hung Vuong St
Tel:(058)3527 299
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