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Coffee and Bar / Night Clubs

Coffee and  Bar / Night Clubs

The way to approach the nightlife scene in Nha Trang is to start the night early at the bars located in the center of the city and then to move out to the coastal locations as the night goes on. This is because the bars in downtown usually only stay open until about midnight, even on weekends while the coastal locations such as the Nha Trang Sailing Club,Red Sun Bar and many another place that stay open much later.

The bars open latest are those which are located on Biet Thu Street, which makes sense since this is the location of many of the hostels where travelers stay and these are the people most likely to be found within the walls of the late night bars

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Bar and Night Spot in Nha Trang
The choice of where you end is very limited in Nha Trang, but the pre-club choice is competitive, with countless bars fighting for custom with unlimited bargins during happy hour, usually from 19:00-22:00.
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