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Remembering Vietnam

A Vietnam Pleasantry

During 1968 when stationed with the US Army at Cam Ranh Bay, I occasionally had theopportunity to travel by road to Nha Trang for Company business. Because the scenery wasso vastly different from Washington State, USA, I very much enjoyed and wholly admiredwatching the beauty of the countryside; as well as the people working their buffalo, herdinggeese, etc. through the fields. And the rainbows… my goodness, the numbers of rainbows Iwould always see. Fabulous!
On one such trip I took a friend and while in Nha Trang we elected to have lunch overlookingthe main street at a restaurant located on the second floor. The tables were very tiny by ourstandards, of course, which caused us to dine somewhat closer to each other than that which wewere accustomed. It wasn’t a big problem though; until the end of our meal. In the meanwhile,we dined and thoroughly enjoyed the food.
We were about half way through our meal when into the restaurant walked two young Air Forcepilots, each enjoying the company of two French/Vietnamese girls who after forty years remainto this day among the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Not only beautiful to visuallyadmire, mind you. No. Not at all. As you will soon read, I’m convinced their inner beauty wasas magnificent as their outer. And that’s the biggest thing that makes them today, so memorable.
Upon their arrival, my friend’s and my demeanor couldn’t help but change. Considerably. Webecame as puppy dogs. It was as though each of us was sitting at the table with big, innocentawe inspired eyes… and our tongues hanging down to the floor. Though we honestly tried, myfriend and I could not keep our eyes off them.
What made it worse was when we realized that they were also casting many side glances at us!No, don’t misunderstand. Then and to this day I suggest they were regularly giving us minisculeside looks perhaps only because our ‘puppy dog’ admiration was unique to receive; purelyinnocent, honest and honorable admiration. In that our admiration was appropriate, they couldn’thelp but well receive it.
I’m sure they knew we were not seeking their company. Nor were they, ours. It was simply amatter that we could not hold back our innocent admiration. It is also noteworthy to state the

miniscule looks they gave us were offered only when their company could not notice. Andbecause the girls were completely innocent in their acceptance of our admiration… just enjoyingit… that was yet another sign of their honorable inner spirit.
As you might guess, my friend and I ate very, very… very slowly after they came in. Butfinally, in order to avoid remaining any more awkward than we already were… and not wishingto disrupt the emotions of the four if the men finally realized our admiration of their ladies, we’ddecided it best to leave the restaurant.
We each scooted our chairs back from the table and when quickly leaning forward to standup out of our chairs… we abruptly hit our heads together with such force we each ratherdramatically bounced back into our chairs!!! Instantly, of course, my friend and I swiveled ourheads to look at the women. Both of them were going through exceedingly majestic physical,mental and emotional gyrations. Each had one hand over her face and one hand clutching herstomach in their efforts to not squirm about, remain seated and not laugh out loud. Their effortsbewildered their escorts. Which, I’m sure, added to the girl’s near vocal laughter.

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