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Photos and Painting

Photos and Painting

Nha Trang photo gallery and historic traditional pictures.  In the last 14 years of the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT (TSC) Contest, hundreds of thousands of pictures and images from almost all countries around the world have been submitted. The Circuit is one of the largest annual collection of photography in the world.

The competition main goal is to find out the very best photography from different styles, techniques and genres. The TSC have been established as an international quality of hight standard photography. Amateur photographers along with internationally renown artists and professional photographers have been participating over the last 14 years.

An international panel of judges select the best entries and award the prestigious prize. 40,000 Euro in Cash is awarded to various winners. A new camera, trophies and medals are amongst other thing being giving out.

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Trierenberg Super Circuit Photo Trierenberg Super Circuit Photo
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