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Vietnamese Holiday

Nationally Recognized Vietnamese Holiday

Vietnamese Holidays

- January 1 : New year day
- 4 days somewhere in January & February : Lunar New Year Festival
- 1 day during April(March 10 of luna Calendar) : Anniversary of Hung Kings
- April 30 : Victoria Day
- May 1 : International Labor Day
- Septemper 2 :
Vietnamese National Day

- - - American Holidays - - -

- January 1 : New Year's Day
- Third Monday in January : Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday
- Third Monday in January : President's Day
- Last Monday in May : Memorial Day

Memorial Day

May 26 is Memorial Day. It also falls on the fourth Monday of May. This is the day American sets aside to honor its war dead. Originally it was created to commemorate United Statesarmed force personnel (men and women) who have died in military service to their country after the Civil War. Union soldiers who died during the American Civil war was honor exclusively on thisday. However, after World War I, it was expanded to include those who died inany war or military action.

Vietnam Memorial Day

- July 4 : Independence Day
- First Monday in September : Labor Day
- Second Monday in October : Columbus Day
- November 11 : Veteran's Day
- Fourth Thursday in November : Thanksgiving Day
- December 25 : Christmas Day

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