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History of Nha Trang

History of Nha Trang Nha Trang city has a metropolitan area of 251 km² and population of about 500,000 (as of 2007). It borders Ninh Hòa town by the north, Cam Ranh city by the south, Diên Khánh town by the west and the South China Sea to the east. The city is located on a beautiful bay, the Nha Trang Bay, which was chosen by Travel and Leisure in two succeeding years as one of 29 most beautiful bays in the world.
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History of Nha Trang
From 1653 to 19th century, Nha Trang was still a deserted area and was an area rich in wildlife with animals like tigers and monkey wondering freely around. nha trang was a part of Hà Bạc, Vĩnh Xương County, Diên Khánh Province. After just 2 decades in early 20 th century NhaTrang underwent a rapid change.
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