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Origin of the Name Nha Trang

The name Nha trang is a Vietnamese pronunciation of a Cham word Eatran or Yjatan. Ea or Yja means river, and tran means reed. According to local residents, there once were a lot of reeds along Ngoc Hoi river. The Cai River (Nha Trang River) cuts through the northern part of Nha Trang and meet the ocean at Nha Trang Bay. Another popular story behinh the origin of the word “Nha Trang” is that when a foreign vessel passed through the city, her captain asked a local guide on board where they were at. The guide saw a white house and replied with Nha` tra, meaning While house. Before Dr. Yersin made his home in Nha Trang, locals live in home made of reeds and mud. This French scientist owned a brick home that was painted white and could be seen from miles off shore.

Getting to Nha Trang

From Saigon going northeast on highway 1 to Nha Trang, the road is extremely bouncy. The trip will take between 9-10 hours. On the way, the two major cities are Phan Rang and Phan Thiet. Both cities are small in size, however, Phan Thiet is very famous for its nuoc mam - fish sauce industry.

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