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Media Briefing on March 10th, 2008

On March 10th, 2008, Miss Universe 2008 organization board hold a press conference at Lotus room, Legend hotel, HoChi Minh City.

Management Board:
• Ms. Rachel Frimer – Vice President of Production
• Ms. Esther Swan – PR Manager MUO
• Mr. Nelson Feliciano – Director of Security MUO
• Ms. Loraine German – Manager of Pageant Events
• Mr. Nguyen Quoc Toan – General Director
• Mr. Vo Thanh Trung – Project Coordinator
*Mr.Duong Thuan Quy-PR Manager

Media: 15 key media


Saigon Liberation:
Firstly, I myself think that it is a tight and thoughtful regulation of Miss Universe Organization (MUO). Will Organization Board (OB) support reporters serving media work during the pageant with transportation and accommodation? How does the press center work? How will postal and communication fees be settled?

Answer: Mr. Quý – PR Manager – Uni Corp
Reporters are responsible for expenses of transport and accommodation. The organization board and MUO, however, will create good conditions for national and foreign correspondents to do their work in accordance with MUO’s rules.

The press center in Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa is well-equiped with fax machines, printers, the Internet, computers, wifi, telephones for domestic phone calls (maximum 30 minutes for each correspondent). Reporters must pay for international phone calls.

Besides, reporters can access the official website of MUO to download images, videos for media reasons.
The deadline of media registration is June 06, 2008. Vietnamese pressmen should send registration forms to the organization board as soon as posible since the organization board wishes to publish more work permits for Vietnamese reporters.

When will Miss Universe 2008 Contest start and end? How many types of work permits are there? Is there any regulation for or restriction to each kind of permit (permits for reporters, permits for TV reporters, permits for photograph reporters, etc.)? Can this permit be used for all events? Could you specify the photographing and filming at the live contest night?

Answer: Ms. Esther Swan – PR Manager of MUO
The final contest night will be held in the middle of July, the concrete date will be announced later. The contestants are expected to arrive in Vietnam by the middle or the end of June.

There is only one type of media permit for all reporters. The organization board will work with event department and will have the formal notice to reporters of which events media people are admitted to.

Reporters should notify the board of organization 48 hours earlier of the needs of photographing and filming so the organizers could make good conditions for their work. Please note that each media permit allows its owner to photograph and film a scene (in the rehearsal) at a maximum of 5 minutes. As for the live broadcasting final contest in particular, the organization board will arrange a private room for pressmen. Right after the coronation, Miss Universe 2008 will have a press conference with media world.


Few word of Ms. Rachel Frimer – Vice president of production MUO: “This is the first time that Miss Universe has been organized in Vietnam. Such an occasion brings both great honour and responsibility to Organization Board and the host of Vietnam. Not only contestants but also their relatives are going to Vietnam to support them. Consequently, this is a valuable chance for Vietnam to promote the images of its country and people to millions of tourists. We will do our best to support repoters to accomplish their work. Thank you!”.

Vietnam News:
Could you let me the exact number of the international reporters coming to Vietnam for this Event? This is the first time Vietnam to be host of a world beauty contest, so how many security personel are there? Is there a cooperation with Vietnam Security Forces? How is the security for reporters?

Answer: Ms. Esther Swan – PR Manager of MUO
It’s too early to call out the exact number of international reporters coming to Vietnam for this Event. According to Miss Universe 2007 figures, there were about 800 reporters, one-third of which are international. Each contestant has a representative reporter from her country.

Answer: Mr. Nelson Feliciano – Security Manager of MUO
MUO will not take care of the security alone, rather it will cooperate with the People’s Police of Vietnam. The number of security personel will be decided after this visit.

Regarding the security service for reporters, there will be opportunities for reporters to do filming in a maximum of 5 minutes, so reporters are advised to observe the rules and cooperate with the security personnel to avoid being interfered and halted work.

Answer: Mr. Trung – Project Manager – Uni Corp
In Vietnam, the organization board has selected several partners. During this study trip, MUO is accompanied by a group of security guards. Especially, during the month of the Event, guests will see any security personnel in uniforms but rather in well-suited like everybody else. Since it is a beauty contest honouring beautiful women, so we want to make a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

Which television stations will be allowed to purchase TV broadcast copyright?

Answer: Mr. Trung – Project Manager – Uni Corp
The right of broadcasting the Final Contest Night of Miss Universe 2008 belongs to NBC channel (U.S.); Vietnam has the right to cover the news. Currently, the organization board is negotiating with Vietnam Television, HCM Television, and Khanh Hoa Television for the right to broadcast and we will support these television stations as much as possible.

Saigon’s Entrepreneur Weekend:
June 6, 2008 is the deadline for reporter’s registration, when will Vietnamese reporters receive media permits?

Answer: Ms. Esther Swan – PR Manager of MUO
Vietnam reporters will send their files through fax or directly send them to Mr. Quy – PR Manager of Uni Corp; right after coming to Vietnam in June, a couple days before the event kicks off, we will look at each profile and issue permits to the reporters.

Detailed information on the date and time of the event will be available in the press center.

Other News and Event
The conference for potential sponsors on March 12, 2008
In the conference, all local and foreign corporations negotiated frankly, raised questions relevant to the rights that apply to the Miss Universe brand, and showed their interest to sponsor the event.
The meeting of the Editorial Board and the Miss Universe Organizing Board
The meeting consisted of 30 editors-in-chief/ deputy editors and television station directors/ deputy directors to update and call for the media to support and promote the contest.
Documentary film survey
The survey took place in Nha Trang, Hà Nội and Hạ Long Bay for the preparation of the documentary film which will be presented at the Final Presentation Show.
Miss Universe 2008 organizing board visited and worked with world’s Miss Universe in Las Vegas
Experts of MUO have shared a great deal of detailed experience, especially backstage and live broadcasting, with the Organizing Board.
Charming Ao Dai Dress
In the eve of June 24th, beautiful women joined a pageant with Vietnam traditional Ao Dai dress and the top prize went to Miss
Miss Universe Contestants visited SOS Village (Hanoi City)
In the morning June 27th, 40 contestants and the Organizer came to visit SOS Village in Hanoi City. The delegation was accompanied by Madam Paula Sugart – President of World Miss Universe Organization; Miss Universe 2007 - Riyo Mori and Mr. Nguyen Quoc Toan – President of UniCorp.
Ambassadors’ gala dinner at Hanoi Deawoo Hotel
Gala Dinner to welcome Miss Universe 2008 contestants to Vietnam was held at 7:00pm in the evening of June 26th at Hanoi Daewoo Hotel.
80 Miss Universe Contestants vote for Ha Long Bay
3:00 pm at Tuan Chau Tourist Island – Ha Long City, 80 Miss Universe contestants accessed the website to vote for Ha Long as one of the world wonders.
Gala Dinner at Ha Long Bay
The pair of ear rings and crystal necklace Swarovski of Miss Brussels Alizee Poulicek recorded at the Gala Dinner auction that was taken place at 7:00pm June 28th at TuanChau Tourist Island, Ha Long City.
Cruising on Ha Long Bay
9:30 am June 28th, a big wooden board carrying 80 prettiest women from Tuan ChauTourist Island to tour the landscape of Ha Long Bay.
Nha Trang City warmly welcomes Miss Universe Contestants
Flight VN 2693 Vietnam Airlines landed Cam Ranh airport with the Organizer and 80 Miss Universe contestants at June 29th.
Diamond Bay Inauguration
Diamond Bay Resort is invested by the UniCorp which several works in which CrownConvention Center is about 10,000 square meters with total investment of around USD 10 million.
Advertising Miss Universe 2008 Crown at Times Square
The crown is worth USD 120,000 designed by PNJ Vietnam and sponsored the Miss Universe 2008 Contest in Nha Trang City.
Ready for swimming costume pageant at Vinpearl Land
The stage of swimming costume pageant of Miss Universe 2008 contest has been set up at the water stage of Vinpearl Land - Nha Trang City.
Festive atmosphere of Nha Trang City
More than 100,000 audiences joined 80 contestants in a street tour pageant of Nha Trang city which was full of festive atmosphere.
80 Miss Universe Contestants paid a courtesy visit to Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee and Planted Commemorative Trees at Vinpearl Land
2:00 pm July 1st, 80 Miss Universe contestants arrived in Vinpearl Land to plant trees to mark these days living and working in Vinpearl Land and Nha Trang City.
Miss Universe 2008 contestants in Bikini
The schedule is set up for foreign and NBC reporters record contestants in bikini dress only but the Organizer approved for all reporters who are now in Nha Trang city to join.
Seething Vinpearl Land
Miss Mexico Elisa Najera honorably received the title Queen of Vinpearl (for the most beautiful swimming costume model) from Madam Paula Sugart.
Let’s listen to contestants
Early July 9th, after the final round pageant (July 8th) the Organizer arranged a meeting of local and foreign reporters with 20 Miss Universe contestants
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