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Khanh Hoa Museum

Khanh Hoa Museum in Nha Trang. Historic artifacts and learn about the local Cham natives.

Khanh Hoa Museum

The Khanh Hoa Museum opened back up on June 9, 2009 after a long closure. There will be more than 400 ancient artifacts that will be showcased at an exhibition. This will be in conjunction with the beginning of the 2009 Nha Trang Sea Festival opening.

The artifacts date back to the 15th - 18th century period. Five hundred thousand items were excavated from 6 shipwrecks at the bottom Ca Mau, Binh Thuan, Phu Quoc, Hon Dam, Hon Cau and Cu Lao waters.

The Cham artifacts dated from 1997 to 2006 consist of mostly ceramics products, included bowls, dishes, vases and tea pots. Images of the sea and forest decorates this fine potteries. They are valuable assets which contribute to the cultural heritage treasure of Nha Trang and Vietnam.

The exhibition title Echoes from the Sea is co organized by the Khanh Hoa Museum and HCMC Vietnam History Museum. The exhibit organizer hope to preserve and display the rare artifacts found in Viet Nam’s offshore sea waters so that historian and the general public can enjoy their beauty and learn more about Vietnam’s foreign trade activities during the 15th to 18th century.The exhibition last until the end of August 2009 but new exhibits will take its place.

Visit the Khanh Hoa Museum on 16 Tran Phu Street adjacent to the Vien Pasteur medical center. Tel: (84) 58.382.2227 from 8-11 am; 2 – 5 pm Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun.

Permanent exhibits includes the Cham statues and artifacts of the ethnic minorities of the Nha Trang area. A Uncle Ho Chi Minh room features several of Ho Chi Minh personal belongings such as clothing and microphone. This microphone was made famous during his independence speech in Hanoi on September 2, 1945.

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