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Beaches North of Nha Trang

4 Beaches North of Nha Trang are a must visit by anyone traveling throughout south central coast line of Vietnam.

4 Beaches Located North of Nha Trang City

Despite Nha Trang beach and its surrounding islands possessing all that a person would ever want when it comes to a beach vacation, 4 other notable beaches lies north of Nha Trang City.  Dai Lanh Beach, Doc Let Beach, Whale Island Beach and Jungle Beach are all within one or two hours drive.  All of these locations have modern accommodations and adequate lodging for an overnight stay.  Viet the map of these four beach resort to get an idea of which one you would prefer to visit.     

Doc Let Beach

Doc Let Beach is located just 30 km north of Nha Trang on Hwy 1 in Ninh Hoa village, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam.  It is the first of the 4 beaches located north of Nha Trang City.  Visitor to this beach resort will pass through Ninh Hoa City before reaching this long and wide chalk-like sand with shallow water, which makes swimming easier than Nha Trang Beach.  Pronounced “Yop-Lek,” locals use to slide down a slope next to the water and dive into the beach; thus, the name derived from the activities that locals use to do. “Doc” means slope and “Let” represent the action of sliding down the slope.  Two well established resorts serve visitors to this area.  Paradise Resort and Doc Let Hotel & Resort are well established accommodations that range from $9 to $14 US dollars. Other nearby resort includes the White Sand Beach Resort in Van Phong Bay about 30 minutes drive north of Nha Trang beach.  

Jungle Beach – Secluded Mountain-side Beach

Jungle Beach is located on 3 hectares of land where untamed mountain converge with the ocean.  This resort is great for those wishing to do a little hillside exploring after a gentle swim.  Halfway between Nha Trang and Doc Let Beach, about 59 km from Nha Trang on Hwy 1.  more info

Direction to Jungle Beach - Go north of Nha Trang city, 60 kms, take a right at the Hyundai- Vinashin road just south of the DocLet turn off, go to the Hyundai port...at the front gate, turn right 5 meters and then immediately turn left (going along the side and back of the port, go down this road for 5 kms until it ends in a T intersection [keep going with the best road], turn right to the end of the road (2 kms)...we are on the sea side, huge straw roofs....

Whale Island Beach Resort

Whale Island is a tiny island surrounded by 4 larger islands just off the coast of Nha Trang in Van Phong Bay. Known as a solitude and serene escape on a secluded island, Whale Island of Vietnam is a lovely and secluded French-run beach retreat.  The name comes from the whales and sharks that swim into the small crescent shape lagoon around April and July to feed on krill and plankton.  Whale cemeteries can once be seen throughout the islands.  It was created by local fishermans that inhabit the area.  At the beginning of each fishing season, numerous festivals were held to honor the whale and pray for a successful and safe year on the sea. 

On Whale Island, visitors can relax in a simple wooden beachfront bungalows  build in 1997 or scuba dive off the coast.  This transparent water, coral and coconut trees tropical island is located about two hours boat trip from Van Ninh City.  Vacationers stays at Whale Island Resort which has 19 furnished, rustic bungalows and a hilltop dormitory facing onto a deserted sandy beach from $125 for a single or $200 USD for a family room.  The best place to book a night stay is through Whale Island Resort official website that provides transportation to the island from Nha Trang City as part of the package.  On the island, a bamboo restaurant serves a mixture of Vietnamese and International cuisine.  Wine is also available as is the famous Vietnamese Saigon Beer (Bia).  Service is good and there’s plenty of seafood to indulge.  At night, a bar on a rocky promontory serves drinks at reasonable prices.  There’s also an adjacent lounge and terrace overlooking the sea that has a billiard table. 

It is claimed that Whale Island is where Jacques Cousteau first discovered his passion for the underwater world.  This island is great for beginner and advance divers with gentle sloping beach dives, deep drop offs and high adrenaline drift diving.  Several great dive sites exist around the area:

  • Hon Trau Nam (Three Kings): Swimthoughs and caves, rays often seen resting
  • Hon Kho Trang: Two dive sites, coral gardens, good visibility and marine life
  • Hon Tai (Ear Island): Coral plateau, nurse and whitetips often spotted, sea slugs
  • Napoleon Rock: Sheltered site with sandy bottom, resident napoleon wrasse
  • Raoul's Reef: Wall covered in feather stars, ghost pipefish found here
  • Bai Su: Caves at 15m, good for spotting nudibranchs, nice to dive at night
  • Hon Ong: Good night dive spot with seahorses, shrimps and spanish dancers

    Once know for is destructive dynamite fishing, environmental protection efforts has brought a remarkable return of marine species to over 170 different types to Whale Island, Vietnam.   Whale Island Resort provides snorkeling equipment in addition to canoes, a catamaran and diving instructors.  There is also night diving to explore a number of nearby reefs.  The island management, Michel Galley, provides sightseeing tours, beach volleyball, exploration of hills, caves and other exotic locales to explore.

Dai Lanh Beach

Dai Lanh Beach   is frequently visited by local Vietnamese during the holidays.  Since it can be reach right off Highway 1, large crowds gather on Dai Lanh Beach on the weekend.  83 km north of Nha Trang, Dai Lanh Beach is a gorgeous area with turquoise water, soft cream color sand and lots of peace and quiet.  There really nothing around to do but bath in the hot sun all day.  However, about 1 km south of Dai Lanh Beach is a vast sand-dune worth seeing.  This is the most northern beach from Nha Trang and can be skip if the other three locations was enough beaches for one trip. 

Other Beach of Nha Trang
Nha Trang Beach
Nha Trang city is located in the south coastline of Vietnam in a Province call Khanh Hoa, about 8 hours bus ride north of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).
Long Beach

If Nha Trang beach isn't exactly what you're looking for, you might enjoy a jaunt over to Bai Dai (which means 'long beach' and is pronounced 'bye-yai').

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