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Cho Dam Market

Cho Dam Market

Cho Dam Market Nha Trang

Cho Dam is Nha Trang largest open air market, one of only two in the city. Unlike the street vendor market in other city throughout Vietnam, this market has actual vendor stalls selling clothes, gifts, fresh food and local special products. From fresh day’s catch of seafood to the latest in fashion every can be found here at Cho Dam Market. A 5 minutes taxi drive from almost anywhere in Nha Trang can get you here. The market can also be reach by city bus or motorbike taxi from your hotel. Nice leisure walk along Tran Phuc, the beachside street will lead you there too. Just before you cross the bridge that takes you to the northern end of Nha trang make a left and head toward the inner city of Nha Tran in order to reach the market. There were a few Du Lich (tourist in Vietnamese), this market is used mainly by the local people. They separate the meat stalls from the fish stalls, produce is spread throughout the market. 

The art of bargaining…although I myself did not bargain for anything it was kind of funny to watch my mother wheel and deal for the things that she wanted. It was starts off with asking the price, then stating emphatically how over priced it is, then chiding then chiding them about their price and then asking for something lower by stating the price you are willing to pay for it. This is with everything that you want to buy regardless of what the items are. I would not be a good bargainer since what they are asking for seems extremely cheap to me as it is. Sometimes she wins and sometimes she looses. Me, I just called my mother over and asked her to work it out...boy am I in trouble when I get to Bangkok where bargaining is expected.

When Larry and I travel we try to find something interesting to put in our travel cabinet for prosperity. I have been trying to find things here in Asia that I would like to display or use, sadly there hasn’t been much that I am interested in purchasing. The quality of goods here isn’t really that great but I have been able to find a few things that aren’t too cheesy. 

One of the things that I have found and completely fell in love with in Nha Trang is their hand embroidery, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Designs are hand sewn into very fine silks and mounted on an oriental frame where you can see both sides of the artwork. The cost of the artwork runs into 5 figures and you would also need to add the cost of shipping the artwork home. I am so in love with this that I may have to find something small that I can carry home.

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