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  • Phu Quoc island is known as the Jade Island, the largest island in Vietnam. Phu Quoc island with other islands forming the island district of Kien Giang. Phu Quoc is located 120km from Rach Gia City and 45km away from Ha Tien town. In 2006, ecological reserves district of Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang including recognized by UNESCO as the World Biosphere. The terrain natural of the island runs from north to south with 99 hills and mountains

    Welcome visitors to Phu Quoc Island, Kiên Giang province

    The weather in Phu Quoc is cool, and it is like monsoon tropical nature, divided into two seasons:
    - Dry season: Phu Quoc Island is influenced by the northeast monsoon, the highest temperature is 35 ° C in April and May.
    - Rainy season: Phu Quoc Island is the gateway to welcome monsoon west-southwest, high humidity is from 85 to 90%.
    Phu Quoc is largest tourist island of Viet Nam. Long time ago, Phu Quoc has become popular island with tourists across the country and internationally. Phu Quoc is not only a beautiful tourist island, which is known as the sunny paradise, but it also contains many mysteries that to explore them all, we have to spend a lot of time
    Phu Quoc has many beautiful beaches stretching from north to south, with 99 hills and mountains with rich flora and fauna. The south of the island has 12 different small islands to the An Thoi Islands. North of the island has Mong Tay island, Doi Moi isalnd, Ban island and Thay Boi island ... are the ideal places for activities boating, fishing, diving coral, explore the island, picnic ...

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