Hotels & Resorts in Hue City

  • Hue City is located in the center of the Vietnam country, on the North South axis of the road, railway, air way and sea way , near the East - West of Trans-Asia route. Hue is far from Ha Noi 675 km to the North , from Ho Chi Minh City 1060 km to the South.
    Hue is located in central key economic region with the center of rapid economic development. Hue has convenient transportation systems connect easily to the capital, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces in the country.
    Hue City is located in the position that the natural conditions and ecosystem are diversity, richness, its private look create a compelling space. Hue is made from Ngu Binh Mountain, Thien An - Vong Canh hill, so it meets many style of terrain: mountains, plains, rivers and lakes and form a space-urban landscape - is ideal to organize the Festivals of cultural genres and various sports tourism activities.
    Hue City is the ideal area to coordinate the unique traditional cultural resources with the Tourist and it is one of five Nation tourist center. Hue is located in the center of the world cultural heritage of Vietnam (Hoi An, My Son, the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park) and near the ancient capital city of the countries in the region.

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