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Bao Dais villas

1, Cau Da steet, 5km south from centre of Nha Trang city
These villas were formerly the retreats of Bao Dai, Vietnams own 'last emperor', who abdicated in 1945. Between the mid 1950 and 1975, the villas were use by high-ranking officals of the South Vietnamese government, including president Thieu. This all changed in 1975, when the villas were taken over for use by hight-ranking communist officials, including prime minister Pham Van Dong. Today, tourists can rent a room in the villas.

Built in 1920s, Bao Dais five villas are set on three hills south of town and have brilliant views of the south China Sea, Nha Trang Bay (to the north), Cau Da dock (to the south). Between the building are winding paths lined  with tropical bushes and tree. Most of villas furnishings have not been changed in decades.

To get to Bao Dai villas from Nha Trang, turn left off Tran Phu street just past the white cement oil shortage tanks (but before reaching Cau Da village). These villas are several hundred metres north of the Oceanographic Institute.

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